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Automatic four-head
liquids filler

Mourpak has released new, automatic four-head filler, which fills liquids, light creams and pastes.

Designated the MP4, it is a volumetric filler, pneumatically operated with PLC control. The air actuator and dispensing cylinders are mounted vertically, which saves space. They are located at the rear of the machine, so that the flush front of the machine is easy to clean.

Bottom-up fill mechanism is standard, which achieves faster filling rates, especially on foaming products.

The MP4 fills automatically with a capacity of 50ml to 2 litres per filling head and at a speed of 30 to 80 containers a minute, depending on container size and product characteristics.

Dispensing cylinders can be individually isolated during set-up and dispensed volumes can be fine turned while the machines are running.